Friday, November 2, 2007

The New Site Is Up And Running!

The new
Sacramento Critical Mass website
is now availible!  Download fliers, pictures and video, and subscribe to the Google group and calendar.  Hopefully this site will be more accessible than the old MySpace page, as you won't need a Google account to take advantage of all our services.

Repost from SCM Myspace

I would like to start by saying thank you to all those who came to the October Halloween ride. It was by far one of the biggest and most fun rides yet. Thank you to all of those who took the time to flier or otherwise promote the event.

Critical Mass is about autonomy of choice and action. There are no leaders and no "rules." We believe that as human beings we have an inalienable right to make decisions about how we wish to take part in this collective experience we call Life. It must be said, however, that those choices do have an impact on the people around us. No one is an island. Maturity comes when we are able to find a balance between our own desires and the consequences that fulfilling those needs create.

I have chosen to maintain this profile as a way for people to learn about what we do each month and to stay up to date. I am not, and could not, speak for anyone else. These are my thoughts, and mine alone. I do not presume to preach, or in any way tell people how they should or should not behave.

For me, Critical Mass is an opportunity to connect with like minded individuals, raise awareness about bicycle culture, and have a good time. Having a good time has sometimes meant breaking the law. I make a choice not to stop at red lights. I make a choice not to equip my bike with a light. I make a choice to ride in the center lane. Others may make the same choices, but for totally different reasons. Those choices are mine and I am prepared to deal with the results. But I also need to realize that my choices have results for others as well. What if I get hit by a car because I rode through a red light without a headlamp and the driver couldn't see me? The driver is innocent but must now also deal with the consequences of the choices I made and the actions that I preformed. Also by breaking these laws, I bring attention from unwanted sources (i.e., Pigs). What is my responsibility in protecting the people around me from such attention? Granted, they are also individuals with the power of free will. They chose to participate and have accepted a certain amount of risk. But will my actions discourage people who do not share my choices or acceptable level of danger from participating, or even subject them to criminal liability? What are the consequences for the group? Do my actions help or hinder the collective goal, what ever that may be?

As you may know we had our first run in with the Law this month. Naturally, a larger group brings more attention, wanted or unwanted. In the past, Critical Mass has failed in Sacramento due to a mix of exasperating factors from participants, observers, and the State, alike. If we wish to continue our rides, these are things that must be contemplated. Then they should be discussed in a civilized manner, keeping in mind that in the end it is for the individual to decide their own path. Please post your thoughts below and continue the discussion in your personal life, and your own mind.